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Secondly, carbon-14 measurements from plants should be marked in successive calendar years.“If one of the samples overlies a known spike, the entire sequence can be automatically allocated to exactly one point in time,” the paper said.Tree-Ring Services policy is to publish raw data in its reports to help the furtherment of the science.Each report on dendrochronological analysis, contains a section on methodology, results, interpretation and conclusions.Dendrochronology results are presented either as PDF files or printed full colour written reports, which generally include a floor plan and photographic record of sample locations.Building dates are normally also published in Vernacular Architecture. The removal of cores does not affect the structural integrity of timbers, but if desired for cosmetic reasons, plugging and restoration of core holes is charged at an additional cost of £5.00 per core hole.No payment (except the assessment/call-out fee) is required for any number of samples taken on-site and you are only subsequently invoiced for samples actually dated.

Tree-ring dating continues to develop as a science and all samples which cannot be dated (at the present time) will be held by us and periodically reviewed in the hope that they will date in the future.

Today, you are likely to pay between £800 and £1000 to date a phase of building, with any of the University associated dendrochronology laboratories in this country.

The only precise way to determine the age of a living tree is to cross-date tree rings in increment cores that intersect the pith of the tree.

The English Heritage guidelines document on dendrochronology states that "".

To maximise the potential of dating a building phase we preferentially take 10 samples. By way of comparison with our charging structure, an estimated un-itemised fee of between £500 and £750 was published in 1997 for dating a building or phase of building and this price was be payable whether or not the analysis was successful.

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Carbon-14 - an unstable isotope of carbon - ends up in plant tissue through photosynthesis.

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