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That said, it's never considered safe to use bypass the 3rd prong (even with 2 to 3 prong adapters) and it is likely your insurance / the manufactures insurance will not cover damages caused as a result of such use.

A good option is a "whole house" surge protector, which is very easy to install (See a guide I wrote at ).

Do you live in an older home that still has two-prong outlets? Extend the old wiring out from within the wall so you can easily access it. If the wires are too short, a four to six-inch extension should be added. Once the wires are the appropriate length, relocate the terminals on the GFCI and connect the wires. Once connected, gently place the wires back in the outlet box and fasten the screws. Test the outlet by pushing the reset button to turn it on, and the test button to turn it off.

If so, you’ve likely experienced the woes of being unable to use some of your appliances. Because electrical projects can be dangerous, it’s important to always seek help from a professional.

Grounded outlets were not required in new construction until 1962, meaning there are still many homes with outdated two-slot outlets that pose dangerous electrical hazards.

And if your electrical box isn’t on a grounded circuit, or the appliance is faulty, your body will act as the grounding path when you plug in the grounded plug adapter — shocking or electrocuting you in the process.

To do this, gently push the wires back and fit them into a new outlet box. Similarly to Step 5, the original wires need to be checked to ensure they are the right length.

Physically, I can accomplish this using cheap 3- to 2-prong adapters, but is that safe?

In part, my question is, what happens when a surge protector does its thing?

The modern electric outlet is grounded at 120 volts, and has three slots: the narrow “hot” slot, the wide “neutral” slot, and the rounded ground slot.

That third slot is crucial, because if the appliance, cord or outlet malfunctions, the ground offers a path for the electricity, sending it back to the breaker box and safely into the earth.

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(Do note, though, not all GFCI outlets provide a ground.

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