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The Boat is in good condition but is dirty from sitting out so I will re-post Boat pictures after the it gets a bath. Some are complete motors and some are parts motors.

Top speed is about 34 mph, with a 2 blade prop we hope to get up into the upper 30s. Regards, Mike Bauer We are very pleased with this 1957 Evinrude 35 horsepower outboard. We race 1200 Sprint Cars and we know how to build very reliable engines.Each motor has been professionally painted (Dupont Paint! These would make great show pieces or functional outboards. It runs like a top and was delivered promptly, in perfect condition as advertised.?If you own a classic boat these motors would be ideal for your set up Here is Olive Oyl with her new outboard. I picked up the motor at the trucking terminal Friday at 4 PM. I recommend your company to anyone seeking a reasonably priced small outboard motor.My son and I went to Lake Pueblo in Colorado and the engine instantly started, warmed up nicely, and we spent the next 4 hours cruising all up and down the lake. You and your family should be very proud of this family business. Albert, I bought a 1957 35hp Johnson Javelin from you a few weeks ago, and just recently got it matched up and mounted to my antique 1956 Larson Falls Flyer boat that my Dad bought in 1960.Took the boat and motor back to the lake I learned to drive the boat on when I was 13 years old, and let my grand children have the same fun.

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Originally documenting the AOMCI Northwoods Chapter's annual meet of antique outboard motor collectors in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, USA, the blog expanded a bit.

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