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The J2EE security model declarative in that you describe the security roles and permissions in a standard XML descriptor rather than embedding security into your business component.

This isolates security from business-level code because security tends to be more a function of where the component is deployed than an inherent aspect of the component's business logic.

Example 8.3, “An descriptor fragment that illustrates the security-role element usage.” shows the usage of the If there are multiple methods with the same overloaded name, this style refers to all of the overloaded methods.

The third style is used to refer to a specified method within a set of methods with an overloaded name: The method must be defined in the specified enterprise bean's home or remote interface.

Abstract Table Panel.refresh Implemented(Abstract Table Panel.java:417) at inf.table.

Abstract Table Panel.refresh(Abstract Table Panel.java:334) at inf.foodcomp.singlevalue. Thread Pool Worker(Thread Pool Executor.java:1145) at concurrent. Single Food Remote java:jboss/exported/Enterprise Application1/EJBModule3/Single Food Bean! Single Food Remote java:global/Enterprise Application1/EJBModule3/Single Food Bean java:app/EJBModule3/Single Food Bean java:module/Single Food Bean The server is starting with the deployed without any error messages. The configuation is done in the code in the class Bean Bag that also handles the access to the beans: String REFERENCE_BEAN_REMOTE = "ejb: Enterprise Application1/EJBModule3/Reference Bean! Reference Remote"; String SINGLE_FOOD_BEAN_REMOTE = "ejb: Enterprise Application1/EJBModule3/Single Food Bean!

Roles defined in the J2EE deployment descriptors should not be confused with the user groups, users, principals, and other concepts that exist in the target enterprise's operational environment.

The deployment descriptor roles are application constructs with application domain-specific names.

Thread.run(Thread.java:724) For some beans the method invocation works but for others not. Therefore, I show here always code snippets for a bean where the method invocation is working (Reference SQLReferences()) and for a bean where the method invocation is not working (Single Food Native SQLSingle Food List()). Reference Remote java:global/Enterprise Application1/EJBModule3/Reference Bean java:app/EJBModule3/Reference Bean java:module/Reference Bean ,289 INFO [org.ejb3.deployment.processors.

Securing a J2EE application is based on the specification of the application security requirements via the standard J2EE deployment descriptors.

You secure access to EJBs and web components in an enterprise application by using the child element to indicate that the current caller's identity should be propagated as the security identity for method invocations made by the EJB.

After numerous adaptations I managed to get the application running but I have remaining problems with the invocation of methods of some beans. Final within an and I connect to the server from a remote client using JNDI.

EJBClient Invocation [email protected] at org.client. EJBClient Context.require EJBReceiver(EJBClient Context.java:584) at org.client. Receiver Interceptor.handle Invocation(Receiver Interceptor.java:119) at org.client. EJBClient Invocation Request(EJBClient Invocation Context.java:181) at org.client.

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