Updating heating cowls

Posted by / 18-Oct-2019 02:03

This is why it is of top importance to have the flue installed by a trained professional (a registered engineer), who knows everything about current safety and health regulations.Gas boiler flue regulations tend to change from time to time.

To increase updraft – There are a variety of conditions where you may find that a chimney may not suck the fumes up the chimney flue as well as it should, this suction is often referred to as the .

I know this sounds obvious but mistakes do happen and I have come across cowls fitted to the wrong pot, so I know it happens.

Mix ups like this can be dangerous so don’t take chances watch the video below.

Unless you think you need specialist advice you can actually fit your own chimney cowls quite easily as long as you work safe, (correct access equipment) and are competent to do so.

Before attempting any chimney cowl installation, I would however recommend you watch my video on chimney flue identification and pot size estimation further down the page.

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There are a number of unobtrusive solutions on the market for this same purpose, and some of them are also meaning should you wish to change your fire to burn a different type of fuel you will not need to change the cowl again.