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We do not consider the middle name or suffix part of the legal name.

Whether the middle name or suffix is included, omitted or incorrectly shown on evidentiary documents submitted with an SS-5 (Application for a Social Security number Card) does not matter.

Last year, the Supreme Court issued a decision in , holding that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry regardless of where they live within the United States.

As a result, Social Security recognizes more same-sex couples as married for purposes of determining entitlement to Social Security benefits or eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments.

If you have reported income under your former or maiden name, and didn’t inform us of a change, we might not have received an accurate W-2 and your earnings may have been recorded incorrectly.

This is easier to fix now — when you first change your name — than years from now when you retire, when it may cause delays in receiving your benefits.

Every year, June marks the beginning of two busy seasons: summer and “wedding season.” With joyful expectation, many of us have already marked our calendars and started wrapping up our plans for the vacations, ceremonies, and honeymoons.

With these changing rules, we encourage anyone who believes they may be eligible for benefits to apply now.

A foreign-born person’s legal name is the name shown on his or her immigration document (includes hyphens and apostrophes).

The only time you may process an SSN application in a name that does not agree with the name shown on the immigration document is if the person legally changed his or her name after the immigration document is issued.

For foreign students (F-1 and M-1) consider the name on Form I-20 the legal name.

For exchange visitors (J-1), consider the name on the DS-2019 the legal name.

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Since a person’s middle name(s) or suffix is not considered part of the legal name by SSA, a middle name shown as part of the given name or a suffix shown as part of the family name can be omitted or entered in the middle name and suffix fields of the Enumeration system.

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