Updating project communication plan

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That vision statement can’t be vague, but must capture the purpose of your project, defining the end goal for the project team.Once you have the vision clear, then you can break it down into more practical bits.Once you’ve written your project charter and have approval from your stakeholders, then you’re going to need the right tools to manage the scope, tasks and resources of your project to ensure you bring it in under budget and on schedule.

In most organizations, the project management team is the group of people responsible for updating the project plan.We’re almost done, but no charter is complete without collecting the potential risks and issues that can derail a project.This includes assumptions and constraints related to the project.The project plan is many things to the project manager.It is a record of what has occurred on the project.

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All these documents delve into detail on the items you’ve broadly stroked out in your project statement.

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