Updating sky viewing card online dating in the north east

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Updating sky viewing card

Your SKY box has to read and write a lot of data to and from your hard drive and if that hard drive is fragmented the hard drive mechanics have a lot of work to do which could lead to jerky playback or recording problems.

In order to defrag your hard drive you have to perform a planner rebuild.

This process takes time as essentially it performs several actions that combined provide a form of integrity check.

These actions require all processes to be stopped so perform a rebuild only when you have no recordings happening now or within the next 20 minutes.

A bar indicates how much of this space you have used and how much is free.

A rebuild will look at all your recorded and scheduled programs and re-order and validate them.What tends to happen is for a small percentage of us SKY box owners those updates will fail.When this happens your SKY box is supposed to be able to recover and will try again and again to apply the update.This universal software has to work on every type of SKY box that is still supported and is delivered at random times silently without you knowing when the next update is coming.These updates have been proven to of had minimal pre-delivery testing.

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