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We can now see how to install/update the current redhat kernel RPM.

First, you need to check (and note down) the current RPM kernel packages that are currently installed in the server. These commands will give the package names of the ones installed in your server.

• Drivers for the hardware you do have are updated and you need to use them.

• Most Important: Security holes have been found in earlier kernels and are fixed in the latest kernel.

Therefore, always update all your installed packages for My SQL.

For example, do not just update the server without also upgrading the client, the common files for server and client libraries, and so on.

The latest versions of RPMs from Oracle, when installed using the standard package management tool ( with relevant new versions. If you have installed My SQL with third-party packages NOT from your Linux distribution's native software repository (for example, packages directly downloaded from the vendor), you will need to uninstall all those packages before you can upgrade using the packages from Oracle.

In order to install an RPM package you must first have the RPM package you are trying to install on your system.

Because –U option will delete the previously installed kernel version which we may need in case of any unsuccessful update.Interoperability with operating system native My SQL packages.Many Linux distributions ship My SQL as an integrated part of the operating system.For an upgrade installation using RPM packages, the My SQL server is automatically restarted at the end of the installation if it was running when the upgrade installation began.If the server was not running when the upgrade installation began, you have to restart the server yourself after the upgrade installation is completed; do that with, for example, the follow command: Because of the dependency relationships among the RPM packages, all of the installed packages must be of the same version.

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