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Validating during keypress

The bundled Check out custom templates docs for a detailed explanation on how to make your own error display.Being so flexible means that you can adapt it to any Vue UI framework you wish.Vuelidate is data-model oriented, meaning validation rules are added to a object in the component definition, rather than being added directly to input elements in the DOM.The structure must resemble that of the form object, but the number of validation rules can be dynamic and change depending on which fields need validation.For Key Press, the validation triggers for each key press.This read only property is used to check whether the validation succeeds or not.Moreover, this directive works on keyboards for either Windows or Mac computers. However, as described in this article by Ollie Williams, number input doesn’t make sense in cases like credit card numbers or zip codes.

Natural numbers are frequently used as Account Numbers, Transaction IDs, Job Codes, etc.

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When the Validation Mode is Lost Focus, the validation takes place when the control lost its focus.

Handling and validating forms on the front end as you saw, can often become a pain in the bum, especially when forms become big and need to be split up.

Using Vuelidate makes the whole ordeal a lot more bearable.

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