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void get Selected RB_Click(object sender, Event Args e) Private group Box1 As Group Box Private radio Button2 As Radio Button Private radio Button1 As Radio Button Private selectedrb As Radio Button Private With Events get Selected RB As Button Public Sub Initialize Radio Buttons() Box1 = New System. Call private Group Box group Box1; private Radio Button radio Button2; private Radio Button radio Button1; private Radio Button selectedrb; private Button get Selected RB; public void Initialize Radio Buttons() void radio Button_Checked Changed(object sender, Event Args e) // Show the text of the selected Radio Button. (Inherited from Web Control) Copies the properties not encapsulated by the Style object from the specified Web server control to the Web server control that this method is called from.

The Radio Button server control permits you to intersperse the radio buttons in a group with other content in the page.

Using a series of Radio Button controls, along with the Group Name property, you can create a list of mutually exclusive options.

This can be a useful alternative to using a Radio Button List.

With the Radio Button List, only one value is sent to the datasource.

If you use Radio Button controls that are grouped, you get the same mutually-exclusive options, but you also have the ability to store the value of each Radio Button in its own data field.

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