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If you decide to become a paying member, they usually charge you a monthly fee.

The more months you pay in advance, the cheaper the monthly payment is.

Each dating website should preselect members based on certain characteristics to make the website unique, but in many cases they don't do it.

For example, during my study of dating websites, once I joined a dating website that claimed to be for older women (they call them "") and vice-versa (younger men who wanted to date older women).

Of course, I've nothing against 61-year-old men but is that a ? Another time I saw a website supposedly for divorced people, but it also included singles.

Another website claimed to be for over-40 people and there were members of all ages, as young as 18.

It's the same wine with different names and you could buy the same wine from different shops.

Therefore, if you are not careful, you may join and pay for what you think are two different websites, while instead they share the same people's profiles.

Here I'll explain how they work, then you should do some exploration and research on your own, before you start spending your money to join any of them.This way, if you are not happy with your online dating experience you can just stop using that email address or mobile number and nobody will be able to chase you.I'll talk here about membership-based or paid dating sites to give you some information to orientate yourself and to help you save your money in your search for your ideal partner.On the other hand, if you are a paying member, you send a few messages to a few profiles you like, but you don't know whether they are paying members or free members who cannot read your messages and reply to you.It's very likely that the majority of members are free members (although some websites do tell you who is a paying member and who is not), so you may end up with sending a lot of messages and getting very few replies.

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On other pages you can read about free online dating websites and what I consider the best dating sites.

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