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They both carried the weight of their past and their present lifestyles with them……not good quality relationship material at all. this movie would most probably tip the scale to the side of bizarre relationships.

First there is Michael’s wife Mrs Carter, who turns a blind eye to the life her husband lives. I have already called them replacements for his mother, but they definitely also play a part in his weird love/lust life.

When they actually meet for the “first” time she is very much involved with another man and Mick is a man of honour with old school values.

Another big guess is as to how this relationship would have developed ………

In 2005, he screen-tested for the movie role of James Bond. I had tuxedos and suits cut for it and hair cuts." The filming of Moonlight was interrupted by the Hollywood writers strike.

I was never really sure, if Will was just one of the many men that Mary used, to get what she needed in life. My thanks to the writer/ director of Oyster Farmer that gave us the raw talent of Alex to last for ever. From their very first meeting you can see that Jack and Pearl kind of like each other. Is Pearl earning some extra income with her body or did she steal his stolen money? This bring us back to present day and the prospects of Cath and Steve and what lies ahead for them. Will we be treated with some nice moments between these two?

In the end it seems as if their love for each other was real and they gave each other comfort and hope in a time of great distress. Most of the times when they are together they provide some nice viewing moments for us fan girls. We know that the biggest role he has ever played is the lover in your world of fantasy, but we unfortunately have no footage or detail of it to show on here….

Who cannot help but to fall in love with the wonderful Dr Andy Yablonski in ?

The man is basically a saint that is being rejected by his police-officer wife and they are separated. Dr Liza Reed falls in the same category as Andy, somebody with a calling as a doctor and that can be classified as a saint. Who knows what would have happened with their relationship if the series had Alex plays a vampire, Mick St John, turned to a life of doom he didn’t want, by the love of his life.

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