Who is allen payne dating chuck wicks is dating

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Despite Allen Payne has never reported to be homosexual, the process of coming out amongst celebrities can be seen as easier considering there are many who have already come out within the community.

Do you know any information regarding the question - Is Allen Payne gay? Please, add a comment below and tell us all the things people say about this performer.

Lance Gross is a famous American actor, model, and photographer of Ghanaian descent who is best known for his role as Calvin Payne on the TBS sitcom ‘Tyler Perry’s House of Payne’.

He was born on July 8, 1981, in Oakland, California, USA.

Fans didn't expect Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews to become a couple!

Allen Payne has never made any public statement about this, so all rumors about if Allen Payne is gay remain completely unfounded and unproven.

Yet, as often happens with artists of this field, the rumors that Allen Payne is gay are persistent, which is surely annoying.

His birth name is Lance Darnell Gross and he is currently 37 years old.

Lance’s mother’s name is Alice Gross but his father’s name is Lorin Gross.

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At present, journalists want to get all of the celebrities out of the closet; the majority of the rumors are false.

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