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Who is neko case dating

It is something I always wanted to do —to be part of a band, a real collaborative effort. I was just thinking about it one night and I went: “Oh, my god. That would be awesome.” I sent them an email and in about half an hour, they both wrote back and said: “Yes, let’s do it.” So that’s how it happened. It sort of skewed more toward a real modern folk record. like, I wanted Cate Blanchett to melt at some point. What would you say is the proudest moment of your career? The concept strikes me as Wilson Phillips for the Coachella Generation. Thankfully, because it is less kitsch and more substantial. Are you looking forward to touring North America with them all summer long? I don’t know because I feel like I am still in the middle of it. I’m looking forward to coming up with my next record, which I have been working on for three or four years. Case revealed several additional stops on the Hell-On Tour in support of the album, which will take place across North America this September.

When you are in it, it’s hard to have a perspective of how it may impact [your life].A lot of the dates are festivals and outdoor shows, and I love that atmosphere of celebratory and joyful venues for music. There are so many —and many more to come, hopefully. I just can’t seem to get all the pieces to fit together yet. I think I’ll just leave it at “No comment.” Do you have any desire to become a bride now that gay marriage is legal? Some days I feel like: “Yeah, I would like to get married.” And then other days, I am like: “Why? I also love the fact that all the pressure is not on me; we get to share it. It’s only six weeks —not a long tour— and this is a one-off record, so we have nothing to lose. [] We are equally divas at different times —that is the beauty of it. Probably I am most proud of the fact that I’m still doing it. But I am quite confident that will happen eventually. Back in 1997, you were dating singer Leisha Hailey of The Murmurs. If we had our way, Neko Case, who's been twisting and bending country music's rules for the past 12 years, would be as feted as Cat Power and Feist.She has a voice bigger and stronger than Céline Dion's—seeing her live is a little like being flattened by the sound of a jet as it passes overhead.

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The sword was a $15 rental, that's my car, and the dress I thought would go nice with the sword.