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Of all Kody's wives, Janelle has typically been the least likely to speak out and/or to stir up any sort of controversy -- but she In mid-August, Janelle shared a photo online of her grandson, Axel, giving us a look at the toddler playing in a splash pad and eating breakfast ... Meri has been unhappy for years and even Robyn may be moving away from the family in Arizona. “Our main problem was that we all lived under one roof, which never allowed me sufficient alone time with Kody,” she wrote back then.

“Kody didn’t know how to behave as my husband in Meri’s house." She continued at that time: "When we watched a movie together at night, Kody and Meri would sit together on the couch while I felt left out in the cold. I began to physically distance myself as much as I could in our very small three-bedroom mobile home.

I poured my all into this trip - no phone, no expectations, and no distractions.

A few days into the trip Ian, the sponsor from SNU, challenged us to start asking God what he wanted us to learn and take away from this trip.var player Instance = jwplayer(document.query Selector(".jwplayer")); // player element var player Container El = document.query Selector(".jw-player-container"); // player wrapper var jw Close Btn = document.query Selector(".js-jw-float-close"); // float close btn var close Btn Closed = false; // close btn state var function close Jw Float() function get Element Offset Top(el) function get Scroll Top() player Instance.on("ready" , function () { var config = player Config(); var utils = player Instance.utils; var player Height = config.container Height; var player Offset Top = get Element Offset Top(player Container El); var bp Desktop = window.inner Width 768; // check current bp var offset Fix = ! In one sense, the future looks a little bleak for Kody and Janelle Brown. In another sense, however, the future is bright and amazing and even totally miraculous for Kody and Janelle Brown... For those unaware: Janelle is Kody’s second wife, with whom he has six kids.I had just done so many things that were so “American”: drive in a car my family OWNED, been able to drink straight from the faucet, climbed in bed without having to cover myself with a mosquito net.I tried to fall asleep but couldn’t because anytime I closed my eyes, a million images swam through my mind…

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I asked God that question everyday and he still hasn’t given me a straight answer.