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Women intimidating men

Pride in the fact that at the beginning of my program a professor said to us, “Whatever you do, do not change anything about your life circumstances in the next three years” …and instead, I went through a major breakup, a move, and a job change and finished in three years.

Pride in the fact that I finished my degree before age 30, which wasn’t even really a specific goal I had, but I just think it’s cool to say.

It’s sometimes difficult for us to make small talk while on a date with someone because we just don’t know how to appear light and casual, or we don’t care to pretend we’re something or someone we’re not.

If a guy is looking for the girl next door (and believe us, many guys fall in love with that), he won’t be able to appreciate us. Because our brains are always working in high gear, we can sometimes come off as high maintenance.

We don’t come across as fragile or vulnerable, even though deep down we might be on some levels.

Our family and friends usually rely on us for our strength and independence and that’s what we’re used to.

If he really wants to have a shot with us, he needs to leave his macho personality at the door.

Because of this, we often have rocky dating lives and we end up wondering why being so awesome isn’t enough to find a great guy.As intelligent women, most of us have experienced some or all of these dating situations, most likely more than once: We make guys feel like we can see right through them. We’re not easily impressed when a guy shows off or tries to overplay his life achievements.Without even saying it out loud to him, he gets the message that we’re not buying any of it.Some guys are intimidated by this because it shows a free-spirited nature that can’t be easily subdued.We can appear cold and distant because we’re not really into small talk.

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