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When the dessert competition is done it’s judging time!We have an easy little score sheet where you judge each dessert in 4 categories and once they are all judged, combine scores to find the winners!At some point, you are going to start handing out CHALLENGES!

Macaroon = a coconut confection sometimes dipped in chocolate. There are a few options for this date night – we love the idea of having the husbands do all the cooking while the wives just chat, but you could also do each couple or wives for husbands.In preparation for the date, you need to send the cooks off to the grocery store.We have 2 different shopping lists available – 1 has suggestions and some blanks for each contestant to choose one of their own ingredients.He let me off with a warning and said I better get your number. “If they seem normal—just saying hi, tell me about yourself—I will respond.But I also have in my profile that I'm not in for random hookups.

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