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The stake is planning a boat dance (maybe dinner too? I assume they are planning a testimony meeting & I wouldn't be surprised if they kicked it off with a fireside the night before or maybe the Sunday before.~Stacey Write or call the Humanitiarian Sort Center and ask for a copy of 'Humanitarian Service Project Guidelines' Sort Center - Humanitarian Service Projects 1665 Bennett Rd. We got the kids an army green t-shirt that said MASH on it." Check with the city - they usually have lots of projects that a big group could do.One year during a YW conference we painted the fences and benches at the ballpark and then washed fire engines - it was a blast.

~Stacey The year before was a Stake youth conference. They weren't really jumping up & down about it, but then again, I was having a baby & didn't go & since I wasn't at testimony meeting I just may not know.This includes physical, emotional, and sexual safety.Creating a specific safety plan with each youth, looking at all the options available, is a priority at Prevail.Prevail’s Youth Advocates seek to support each child and teen in achieving their goals.One goal of Prevail is to increase safety for each child and teen in services.

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Prevail offers services FREE OF CHARGE to victims and their families. During a crisis, a number of different challenges can arise for youth and their families.

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